Cartes.io passes 1,000 markers

Cartes.io, our free, open-source, and anonymous mapping platform, now boasts over 1000 markers spread around nearly 300 maps. The platform was developed to allow anyone to safely and quickly create maps and markers for any purpose, and to date has seen widespread usage in protests, personal projects, and general community information sharing. The built in… continue reading

M Media adds vaccine data to COVID API, passes 40 million requests

Our now famous COVID API has been called over 40 million times in the past 15 months, and has reached 200+ stars on GitHub. The API was designed to allow people to pull vital information on the evolution of the COVID pandemic, including getting new cases and deaths. We’ve seen a range of people use… continue reading

M Media Covid API passes 30 million requests

Usage of our COVID API has taken off, reaching 30 million requests, up by 28 million, in less than 4 months. The API, designed and developed in mid-March of 2020, is intended as a free Application Programming Interface to help others get data on the spread of the Coronavirus, historical stats, and vaccination progress. Updated… continue reading

M Media Coronavirus API reaches 2 million requests

Less than 2 months after we reached 1 million requests, our API usage has skyrocketed – propelling us to another 1 million requests for a total of 2 million. The API, designed and developed over the course of a week in mid-March 2020, was intended as a free system to help others get crucial data… continue reading

M Media launches Cartes.io WordPress plugin

M Media has launched a WordPress plugin for our open-source mapping service, Cartes.io. The plugin lets people create maps with custom markers that they can place on their websites. Leaving the maps unlocked allows even unlogged-in website visitors to contribute to your map – but you can also lock it to prevent new markers being… continue reading

Sisa Me uses M Media to grow fanbase

Sisa Me, an Indie band from Berlin, has started using M Media services through their promoter Alex over at Rootdown Music. The band’s natural energy fuses with their diverse sound to create exhilarating, dance-worthy music that needs to be featured on any playlist or festival – hence why they’ve turned to us to help them… continue reading

M Media Coronavirus API passes 1 million requests

Our Coronavirus COVID-19 API and associated WordPress plugin, which provides daily stats on infection rates per country, has now been used over 1 million times. The free and open-source API launched in March was one of the first API systems to provide Coronavirus case statistics to others, reaching tens of thousands of requests in its… continue reading

M Media Tools Saved by Microsoft in Arctic Vault for 1,000 Years

Microsoft, the parent company of Github, has thanks to its Github Archive Program stored our Coronavirus WordPress plugin in the Arctic circle for the next 1,000 years. In addition to our Coronavirus WordPress plugin, our main site, mmediagroup.fr, has also been archived in the vault. We’re very honoured to be a part of open-source history,… continue reading