M Media Covid API passes 30 million requests

Usage of our COVID API has taken off, reaching 30 million requests, up by 28 million, in less than 4 months.

The API, designed and developed in mid-March of 2020, is intended as a free Application Programming Interface to help others get data on the spread of the Coronavirus, historical stats, and vaccination progress. Updated every hour and using data from the incredible Johns Hopkins University in the United States, it has proven both popular and valuable to developers and end-users alike, (especially with our in-house developed WordPress COVID-Watch plugin).

Incredible organisations have used our API, from universities and security agencies to government institutions; peppered with thousands of individuals in between. A large portion of requests was also dedicating to serving the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, which has used the API for research in co-operation with the university students.

Free and open-source

Handling 30 million requests takes quite the server power. We’re covering it as our way of helping the world during the pandemic; providing vital information to those that can act on it. If you’d like to contribute to our mission, consider donating.

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