M Media launches Cartes.io WordPress plugin

M Media has launched a WordPress plugin for our open-source mapping service, Cartes.io.

The Cartes.io plugin icon as seen on WordPress.org

The plugin lets people create maps with custom markers that they can place on their websites. Leaving the maps unlocked allows even unlogged-in website visitors to contribute to your map – but you can also lock it to prevent new markers being created.

Public demo map

This public demo map lets anyone create markers on it. Go ahead and give it a go by right clicking on the map!

This concept of public community maps has seen a lot of traction in rapidly changing situations, such as the map created for the Minneapolis Protests in 2020 (which is now locked but then allowed anyone to create markers, the benefits of which can be seen).

Embed this map on your website using the shortcode:

[cartes_map uuid='048eebe4-8dac-46e2-a947-50b6b8062fec']

Locked public map

This public map shows COVID-19 drive-thru testing points – perfect to complement our WordPress COVID-19 data plugin.

This, in contrast to the map example before it, is a partially locked map. It only allows contributions from verified people on Cartes.io. When you (fully) lock your map, nobody (not even Cartes.io users) will be able to edit your map or add markers to it.

Embed this map on your website using the shortcode:

[cartes_map uuid='a61bce50-20be-4b31-a7ee-cfaa31325813']

Installing the plugin

You can install this plugin as you would install any other WordPress plugin.

Time needed: 1 minute

Install the WordPress plugin from your WordPress website.

  1. Search for the “Cartes.io maps” plugin in Plugins > Add New

  2. Press “Install Now”

  3. When the installation is complete, press “Activate plugin”

  4. Go to Maps > Add New to create your first map

Contributing to the development

You can contribute to the development of this WordPress plugin on Github.

You can also contribute to the development of the main platform, Cartes.io, on its Github repo.