Cartes.io passes 1,000 markers

Cartes.io, our free, open-source, and anonymous mapping platform, now boasts over 1000 markers spread around nearly 300 maps. The platform was developed to allow anyone to safely and quickly create maps and markers for any purpose, and to date has seen widespread usage in protests, personal projects, and general community information sharing.

The built in features of the platform allow people to create maps with markers and share them with their community, where, if the map settings are set to allow for this, anyone else can contribute. The live updates of the map show up instantaneously to all those that are currently engaging with a given map, making it a perfect tool for following, tracking, and reporting on live events. Of course, these features are only a part of the platform; people can choose to create maps for just about anything and lock them from others contributing or even seeing them.

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