M Media hires first intern in 2021

A very warm welcome to the team, Corin!

On the 19th of January M Media has hired the first intern in the new year, Corin. He will be with M Media for 2 months, learning about the inner workings of web development, digital marketing, how the two interact with each other, and how they form a whole to support part of a marketing strategy (sometimes even the whole strategy). Coming from the local web development school ActivMedia in Nice, France; this internship is a crucial part of obtaining all the skills required for graduating.

The first three days were intensive and very productive, even I participated to finalise a plugin created by the company for WordPress. I was very excited when Michal told me that was approved by WordPress[.org].

Corin on his first days as an intern

In the first week, Corin was on a crash course learning about GitHub, the development workflow, M Media coding and marketing standards, as well as freshening up his CSS and HTML skills. During this time, Corin helped prepare the Cartes.io WordPress plugin, and worked with the Snippet CSS framework made by M Media.

The following weeks will see a transition from more foundational work using M Media tools to actually applying the methodology to customer facing solutions. Throughout the internship, Corin focuses on applying theoretical knowledge in real world scenarios, often ones that are destined to end up in production with M Media at one point or another (as was the case with the Cartes.io plugin).

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