M Media adds vaccine data to COVID API, passes 40 million requests

Our now famous COVID API has been called over 40 million times in the past 15 months, and has reached 200+ stars on GitHub.

The API was designed to allow people to pull vital information on the evolution of the COVID pandemic, including getting new cases and deaths. We’ve seen a range of people use the data from all around the world – from news sources, government bodies, and even some health dashboards.

Recently, we’ve also added vaccine data, which now lets people not only track the uptake of COVID vaccinations, but also use that data to cross-reference it with COVID case numbers. Our WordPress plugin has also been updated to follow suite, allowing users of our COVID-Watch WordPress plugin to also show vaccine data for their countries as needed.

Forever free

We’re covering server-costs of running this API as our way of helping the world during the pandemic; providing vital information to those that can act on it. If you’d like to contribute to our mission, consider donating.

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