M Media expands to support Reddit Ads

Thanks to our very fortunate partnerships with our customers, we have been able to develop, perfect, and expand our digital marketing services to a new platform, Reddit. As of late 2020, Reddit boasts a whopping 430 million active users, every month – making it the 7th most visited website in the world, and very popular… continue reading

Timo Pankau partners with M Media to market upcoming singles

Timo Pankau is a Berlin-based artist creating honest acoustic pop-folk music, sung and produced from the heart. With 2 new upcoming singles, he turned to M Media for some marketing help. Over the course of the first two days of onboarding, 50 emails were sent back and forth; culminating in the correct setup of Facebook… continue reading

M Media Coronavirus Watch plugin reaches 3k downloads

Our Coronavirus COVID-19 Watch WordPress plugin has now been downloaded over 3 thousand times! The plugin, based off of our free Coronavirus API, is used to fetch and display live Coronavirus data on any WordPress website. On the 25th of June, the WordPress plugin repository has finally ticked past the 3k mark for total downloads,… continue reading

M Media June Server Updates and Expansion

Between the 23rd and 24th of June our servers have experienced an unprecedented amount of traffic directed at one of our websites which caused short-term partial outages for some of our customers. Thanks to this experience, we’ve improved the security, speed, and reliability of our website hosting systems for everyone. On the 25th of June,… continue reading

Free websites for small businesses in Villefranche

From our Coronavirus API which has now served 500,000 requests, to our ads that reach a million people every month, it all started from a small home-office in the charmingly quaint city of Villefranche sur Mer. A classic French fishing village situated between the giants of Nice and Monaco; its often overlooked as merely a… continue reading

M Media commissioned to run websites for Progressive International

Progressive International, is an international organisation uniting progressive left-wing activists and organisations. Its main proponents are Bernie Sanders and Yanis Varoufakis and it was launched by The Sanders Institute and DiEM25. M Media operates and manages the server used to host Progressive International real-time document solutions and file storage systems. Both systems, called Collabora and Nextcloud respectively, are used by the Progressive International team to write,… continue reading

Cartes.io used during Minneapolis protests

Cartes.io, a project founded, built, and managed by M Media, has been used during the Minneapolis protests by people on the ground reporting dangerous incidents in real-time. Over 2 days, 135 events have been reported, including incidents of fires, looting, mob gatherings, and teargas deployments. In addition, another 30 private maps were created for either… continue reading

Updates to the Facebook Network Ad Management service

We’ve updated the Facebook Network Ad Management service to be more inline with customer needs. Name change Because “Facebook Network” is a term that Facebook already uses to refer to a specific segment of their market (and consequently their ad placements), we’re removing the word Network from our service name so that it is more… continue reading

M Media launches financing options

We’ve launched new financing options to make our services more accessible to even more people. For the start, we are offering financing options for web development contracts. You can opt in for a 6 month interest free financing option, or for a longer, 11 month 5% interest based financing option. The financing options available to… continue reading

M Media updates Incident Report and rebrands it to Cartes

Re-designed business logic Initially, Incident Tracker (which was briefly Incident Report) was one map meant for Human Rights Defenders and activists to use during protests. We’ve updated the business logic to support a nearly indefinite amount of maps with enhanced privacy controls. We’ve also added the ability for anonymous users to create maps and markers.… continue reading