M Media Coronavirus API passes 1 million requests

Our Coronavirus COVID-19 API and associated WordPress plugin, which provides daily stats on infection rates per country, has now been used over 1 million times.

The free and open-source API launched in March was one of the first API systems to provide Coronavirus case statistics to others, reaching tens of thousands of requests in its first few days of operation. When started, only about 200,000 confirmed cases have been reported globally, a far cry from todays unfortunate Country ‘Global’ is invalid. confirmed cases.

We developed this tool to help in the battle against the virus by providing researchers, businesses, and other key institutions with normalised data from a trusted source, Johns Hopkins University. To date, we’ve seen a range of people using our data; from Civil Aviation authorities, municipality governments, engineers, journalists (in languages including English, Arabic, Russian, and more), schools, all the way to gyms and restaurants, we’ve seen it all. In total, people from 104 countries have requested and received data from us. Our most common user agents are Java, WordPress 5.4.2, Axios, GuzzleHttp, Python Requests, Mozilla, and Dalvik.

To date, we have over 9,381,408 records registered by our API totalling around 3.5 GB of data. These records include requests made to our API and the responses given by it.

In addition to reaching this milestone, GitHub (owned by Microsoft) has archived our Coronavirus WordPress Plugin for 1,000 years in the Arctic Circle.

Donate and help keep the API online

Handling so many requests racks up in server costs. If you want to help keep access to this API free and open to the public, please consider donating.