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Cartes.io passes 1,000 markers

Cartes.io, our free, open-source, and anonymous mapping platform, now boasts over 1000 markers spread around nearly 300 maps. The platform was developed to allow anyone to safely and quickly create maps and markers for any purpose, and to date has seen widespread usage in protests, personal projects, and general community information sharing. The built in… continue reading

M Media launches Cartes.io WordPress plugin

M Media has launched a WordPress plugin for our open-source mapping service, Cartes.io. The plugin lets people create maps with custom markers that they can place on their websites. Leaving the maps unlocked allows even unlogged-in website visitors to contribute to your map – but you can also lock it to prevent new markers being… continue reading

Sisa Me uses M Media to grow fanbase

Sisa Me, an Indie band from Berlin, has started using M Media services through their promoter Alex over at Rootdown Music. The band’s natural energy fuses with their diverse sound to create exhilarating, dance-worthy music that needs to be featured on any playlist or festival – hence why they’ve turned to us to help them… continue reading

Timo Pankau partners with M Media to market upcoming singles

Timo Pankau is a Berlin-based artist creating honest acoustic pop-folk music, sung and produced from the heart. With 2 new upcoming singles, he turned to M Media for some marketing help. Over the course of the first two days of onboarding, 50 emails were sent back and forth; culminating in the correct setup of Facebook… continue reading

Le Country Store launches “Coffee Hub” with Cartes

Le Country Store, a west-coast style coffee shop in the heart of Nice, France, has started using a project launched by M Media earlier this year: Cartes.io. Cartes.io lets anyone create maps for anything, and our customer Le Country Store uses Cartes.io to allow their customers to mark their favourite coffee shops in the world.… continue reading

M Media commissioned to run websites for Progressive International

Progressive International, is an international organisation uniting progressive left-wing activists and organisations. Its main proponents are Bernie Sanders and Yanis Varoufakis and it was launched by The Sanders Institute and DiEM25. M Media operates and manages the server used to host Progressive International real-time document solutions and file storage systems. Both systems, called Collabora and Nextcloud respectively, are used by the Progressive International team to write,… continue reading

Cartes.io used during Minneapolis protests

Cartes.io, a project founded, built, and managed by M Media, has been used during the Minneapolis protests by people on the ground reporting dangerous incidents in real-time. Over 2 days, 135 events have been reported, including incidents of fires, looting, mob gatherings, and teargas deployments. In addition, another 30 private maps were created for either… continue reading

M Media updates Incident Report and rebrands it to Cartes

Re-designed business logic Initially, Incident Tracker (which was briefly Incident Report) was one map meant for Human Rights Defenders and activists to use during protests. We’ve updated the business logic to support a nearly indefinite amount of maps with enhanced privacy controls. We’ve also added the ability for anonymous users to create maps and markers.… continue reading

M Media launches massive 40 ad & adset campaign

M Media has been tasked with launching a massive 20 ad and 20 adset Facebook campaign targeting very specific regions and languages on behalf of Sounds Like Van Spirit. The campaign aims to take advantage of the fact that more people are home due to the Coronavirus COVID-19. The campaign is forecast to run for… continue reading