M Media launches massive 40 ad & adset campaign

M Media has been tasked with launching a massive 20 ad and 20 adset Facebook campaign targeting very specific regions and languages on behalf of Sounds Like Van Spirit. The campaign aims to take advantage of the fact that more people are home due to the Coronavirus COVID-19. The campaign is forecast to run for no longer than a month, but the timeframe will depend on the first week of data and the developing global situation.

The campaign is available in 7 languages and is targeting 14 specific regions, some as small as 80 kilometres wide in radius. The audience sizes range from 70,000 people up to 330,000 people, depending on the specific region and language.

Using existing data collected by M Media deployed Facebook pixels, we’ve created over 7 new lookalike audiences that match 1% of the population of each targeted area (in similarity to those that have already engaged with the brand).

All adsets within the campaign take advantage of the existing engagement generated by previous ads, so reactions, shares, and comments are all carried over to each new ad. This means that the ads will start showing to people with some activity already present on them.

The campaign was launched at 19:40 Paris time and approved around 20 minutes later by the Facebook Ad Review team. Results are now being collected and progress monitored.

With our to-date Return On Ad Spend metrics (ROAS) hovering on average at around 7, we expect to see a ROAS number between 3 (industry standard) and 7 with this campaign. Given that most people will be at home all day, we expect to see minimal segmentation by day of the week, though most people will be buying during the day rather than the night (according to the audiences local time).


The campaign brought in an average ROAS of 3.14, lower than our average for this client but still within our expected range. After 5 days, the campaign was deemed to not be bringing in the intended ROAS, and the campaign budget was dissolved across other campaigns.

The data collected from the 5 days, while not fully complete, is still valuable in determining what countries responded best to the ads. Because only the English adsets were ultimately launched, countries that best responded might suggest a higher understanding and usage of English in day to day life. This will be crucial to future English language campaigns.

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