M Media updates Incident Report and rebrands it to Cartes

Re-designed business logic

Initially, Incident Tracker (which was briefly Incident Report) was one map meant for Human Rights Defenders and activists to use during protests.

We’ve updated the business logic to support a nearly indefinite amount of maps with enhanced privacy controls. We’ve also added the ability for anonymous users to create maps and markers.

Embed-able and share-able maps

The new version of the web-app now supports a multitude of sharing options, one of which is embedding into another site. Using code given on every map, anyone can embed any public or unlisted map onto their website. In this example, we’re embedding the Coronavirus Drive-thru Testing Points map.

The embedded maps offer the same live-update capability as on the main site. Any new markers and changes will automatically be updated in real-time across anyone who is currently looking at the map, regardless of where the map is.

And so, a re-brand

With all these new changes, we’ve expanded the potential of Incident Tracker enormously. Because of this, it was only right to rebrand the web-app into something shorter, more memorable, and less definitive.

As is often the case, we looked for names that had corresponding domains available for purchase. We didn’t have to go far; the initial idea of Carte (map, in French) was quickly adopted to Cartes (the plural version) and the web-app is now available on Cartes.io since the 8th of May.

The category name on this blog will also be updated to reflect the changes.