M Media launches massive 40 ad & adset campaign

M Media has been tasked with launching a massive 20 ad and 20 adset Facebook campaign targeting very specific regions and languages on behalf of Sounds Like Van Spirit. The campaign aims to take advantage of the fact that more people are home due to the Coronavirus COVID-19. The campaign is forecast to run for… continue reading

Responsible Leadership Academy and M Media enter web development contract

Responsible Leadership Academy (RLA) has entered a contractual agreement with M Media for the development of the company website. Responsible Leadership Academy aims to provide tools designed to help organisations translate this responsible leadership approach into organisational policies, systems and operations. The scope of work will include generating and adapting media (images and videos) for… continue reading

M Media tests saving files from your email to your account

During the next few months, M Media customers will be able to send in files by email instead of uploading them via the website. The special email account, which can not receive text messages, receives files sent to it and then cross references the sender with the appropriate M Media customer, finally uploading their file… continue reading

M Media recreates and updates Methode Ka logo

M Media has recreated the previous logo for Methode Ka in a vector format, and has updated errors that were found on the previous version such as minor spacing issues and outdated web addresses. It was recreated in-house using industry standard tools from Adobe, including their Fonts services and their Adobe Illustrator system. The new… continue reading

Adriana Tomczak and M Media begin work

Adriana Tomczak, a psychologist/business owner with her own psychology office, has commissioned work from M Media. The following scope of work has been commissioned: Domain management Email account management Business card design Flyers design 1k Business card preparing and sending for printing Website design Ongoing consulting and teaching of how to use website and services… continue reading

SLVS and M Media launch a new German ad

M Media Group has been commissioned to launch a targeted ad on Facebook for German audiences. The audience is a lookalike audience based on previous website converters, with a demographic targeting setting ensuring only German speaking people are targeted. The previous media content had been an English language video. In this ad, M Media opted… continue reading