M Media website update: Jazz

The M Media website has been updated to a version we’re calling “Jazz”. Just like the musical genre, the new website features new components that are alive, dynamic, and talk back and forth; we’ve added live communication with M Media servers in real time as opposed to waiting for you to refresh the page.

Now, notifications regarding payment events, your account events, and other significant events regarding your businesses will happen instantly. Other live communication features such as messaging are in the works.

Talking about notifications, we’ve added a new notification channel: voice. For absolutely critical notifications, we may call you with an automatically generated message. As an example example: should your account be compromised, you may get an automated call with a voice telling you the next steps to take to secure your account. If you get such a call, please do not hang up.

The update also brings more information to the Billing page, including a clear display of when and what the next invoice is for. The API also got an overhaul and now has improved security on the billing-related endpoints. We’re generally moving to be more and more API centric so that future programs, websites, and apps can easily integrate with M Media.

We’ve added a completely new page that allows you to search for and check if domains can be registered on M Media. The tool will also provide domain suggestions if the domain you searched for is unavailable.

With all these changes, we’ve also fixed some bugs. One bug that we squashed related to files not becoming public when asked to. Another related to an occasional delay in loading select page components; that’s been fixed too.

Lastly, the website update brings in cleaner code thanks to StyleCI. The code base is now significantly improved and in line with coding standards, and will now continue to be so automatically.

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