M Media recreates and updates Methode Ka logo

M Media has recreated the previous logo for Methode Ka in a vector format, and has updated errors that were found on the previous version such as minor spacing issues and outdated web addresses.

It was recreated in-house using industry standard tools from Adobe, including their Fonts services and their Adobe Illustrator system.

The new logo conforms perfectly to web standards, and is available both as a Retina display grade PNG format, and as a scalable vector for unlimited sizing options.

The M Media updated logo will now be prominently displayed on all current and future marketing materials, especially on the new web site being built by M Media for Methode Ka. The design, unmodified from the original, will be easily identifiable to new and returning Methode Ka customers alike.

2 thoughts on “M Media recreates and updates Methode Ka logo

    1. Hey Karim!

      Great question! Usually the logo should not change colours because it serves as an anchor/static reference point for your customers. The only other colours that could be used would be a monochrome scheme (so black and white, great for if you are laser engraving something or printing in black and white) or a dark scheme (developed to look good on dark backgrounds, it’s usually just the darker grays inverted to a lighter gray or even white colour).

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