M Media June Server Updates and Expansion

Between the 23rd and 24th of June our servers have experienced an unprecedented amount of traffic directed at one of our websites which caused short-term partial outages for some of our customers. Thanks to this experience, we’ve improved the security, speed, and reliability of our website hosting systems for everyone.

On the 25th of June, we updated our server used by the majority of M Media web customers, and developed a new server specifically for handling databases for customer websites.

Before, any given website hosted by M Media had its own database in the same server where the application code was stored. As we’ve grown and our customers saw increased traffic, this solution caused unbalanced strain on our server and presented new challenges that come with such traffic.

Now, we have launched a separate relational database storage system, meaning that application code and application data are separate. This allows every M Media customer to benefit equally from the newest security updates and features that our own websites already enjoy. What’s more, the new system is locked inside our own virtual private network – so traffic to your data only comes from endpoints and people we specifically allow. While this has many benefits that can be a bit too technical to explain; in short it allows a clearer picture and tighter restrictions on who accesses your data and when.

Additionally, our newest database server includes daily automatic backups and security updates. By natural extension – all M Media customers using M Media hosting with relational databases will have these features too, including daily backups that are retained for up to 3 days.

Thanks to even greater security rules implemented within our virtual private network of servers, databases, and other systems, all customer data is now more secure than ever before while also being faster to retrieve, write, and use.

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