Web development

Working on M Media hosted WordPress sites as a developer

Editing child-themes and plugins At M Media, we believe that no editing should be made on live/production sites directly. Instead, we spin up a local server on our machines and then develop safely in an isolated enviorment. We then use a version-control software, like GitHub, to keep track of changes and to host our most… continue reading

Managing your WordPress powered website

This article links you to pages where you can find more information and help regarding specific parts of your WordPress powered website. Pages Pages are for content that doesn’t have a publication date, for example a front page or a contact page. Posts and using Gutenberg Posts are timestamped and are best suited for providing… continue reading

M Media “Uno” WordPress Theme

In our ever expanding family of WordPress tools and plugins, we’ve finally come out with our first public WordPress theme, appropriately called “Uno”. The theme is incredibly easy to use, integrates with the default WordPress functions flawlessly, and is free. Features Fully responsive theme based on Bootstrap framework Ability to choose colour scheme Fully integrated… continue reading

The “M Media” WordPress plugin

The M Media plugin is installed on your M Media managed WordPress website and serves multiple purposes. What it does The plugin does the following things: Creates a new admin page called “M Media” Removes unnecessary and/or dangerous header meta tags that are in WordPress by default Creates a new M Media WordPress Support user… continue reading

The “Log in with M Media” WordPress plugin

This plugin allows your existing WordPress website users with matching emails in M Media client databases to log in using M Media. It will not create new WordPress users if they don’t exist. This plugin is usually used for WordPress websites built for customers and managed by M Media to allow customers to easily and… continue reading