M Media “Uno” WordPress Theme

In our ever expanding family of WordPress tools and plugins, we’ve finally come out with our first public WordPress theme, appropriately called “Uno”. The theme is incredibly easy to use, integrates with the default WordPress functions flawlessly, and is free.


  • Fully responsive theme based on Bootstrap framework
  • Ability to choose colour scheme
  • Fully integrated with WordPress default editor Gutenberg
  • Simplified interface for better design consistency and cohesiveness
  • Fully functional with all M Media plugins
  • Call to action integrated in Nav bar
  • All bootstrap classes available
  • Two post template types available

Sites using this theme

The folks over at Responsible Leadership have been using this theme on their website responsibleleadership.eu from the start. There are a few more private sites also using this theme.

If you are using this theme and would like to be publicly listed here, just contact us and we’ll be happy to add you.

Get the Uno WordPress theme

Our theme is available to everyone, for free. Just follow the appropriate steps below to get this theme running on your WordPress website.

M Media customers

If you are an M Media customer, we may opt in to use this theme for your WordPress website, in which case we will download and activate it on your behalf.

Everyone else

Currently our theme is available for everyone on GitHub. You can download the theme from our GitHub repo and activate it on your website.

Using the theme

The Uno theme is designed to be very easy to use. If you are an M Media customers, some of the options below will not be available to you, because they will be managed by M Media on your behalf.

Building pages

The Uno theme is intended to work fluently with the default page builder and text editor in the newer versions of WordPress called Gutenberg.

You should be able to use all the available Gutenberg functions on your website, including full-width elements and columns. When building your pages in Gutenberg, keep in mind best practices, such as using the correct heading tags and thinking of proper colour contrasts.

Changing the theme colours

You can change the theme colours very easily.

First, go to your admin dashboard. Then go to Themes -> Customize.

In the Colors tab, edit the primary and secondary colours.

Editing or removing the call to action in the nav bar

The call to action button is shown on the top-right of your website, and encourages users to take a primary action on your website.

You can edit the link and text of the button, or remove it altogether.

First, go to your admin dashboard. Then go to Themes -> Customize.

In the Site Identity tab, edit the Call to action link and Call to action text as needed.

To remove the button, leave both fields blank.

Showing / hiding the default page header

First, go to your admin dashboard. Then go to Themes -> Customize.

In the Headers tab, toggle the “Show page headers” option.

Commonly asked questions

Is this theme free?

Yes. If you are an M Media customer, you have an unrestricted licence to this theme. If you are not our customer, please don’t use this theme for commercial purposes.

Does this theme work both on mobile phones and computers?

Yes, this theme is fully responsive and will look good on all screens.

Can I use Gutenberg with this theme?

Yes, this theme was developed with the idea of having Gutenberg be the page builder.

Does this theme support WooCommerce?

Yes, this theme fully integrates with and supports the WooCommerce plugin.

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