Import your M Media files into your WordPress websites

In a recent update of our “Log in With M Media” plugin, we developed a feature for your WordPress website that allows you to use your M Media files on your site.

Import your M Media files into your site

Time needed: 1 minute

You can use your own public M Media files on your WordPress websites using our Log in With M Media plugin.

  1. Log into your website using “Log in with M Media”

  2. Go to upload new media as you would normally – you’ll see your most recent publicly available M Media files on the upload screen

  3. Click the button under the file you want to upload – it will be linked to your website and available for use like any other WordPress file

Common questions

Why would I use M Media files instead of re-uploading the files to my own website like I used to?

Using this system to link your M Media file to your website has multiple advantages:

1. Images are stored on our external server dedicated for files, which means that if your server should crash or something bad should happen – your files are safe.

2. Images linked via M Media give you more privacy controls. At any time, you can make your files private, at which point they will automatically become unavailable across all sites that link to the image.

3. Images that are served from our file server are usually much faster. When you upload files to M Media, we auto-optimize the file for you. Additionally, our file server is built specifically for hosting files and serving them quickly – which frees up your own website and server to do other things.

4. Images have a central source of truth – meaning that if you update the image on M Media, it will automatically be updated everywhere where the image you edited is used, saving you quite some time and hastle.

Can other users see my M Media files before I upload them?

No. Each person that logs in with M Media sees their own public files available for upload. Only once they are uploaded/linked to your website do they become available to everyone on your site.

I can’t see the file I want to upload – what gives?

Make sure that your file is public. On the M Media website, go to all your files, then for the file you want, check the tick-box under the “Public” column. Go back to your own website and refresh to see the changes.

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