Connecting your Google Analytics accounts to M Media

If you are our customer for the Digital Ad Management service, you will be asked to connect your Google Analytics accounts to M Media.

Connecting a Google Analytics Account

Time needed: 3 minutes

Getting started with Google Analytics is simple.

  1. If you haven’t already, create a Google Analytics account

    You will need to have at least one account.

  2. Add our “accounts” email address as a user

    Read here for more help on adding users. You must do this under the “Account” column, and give us at least edit-level permissions.

Common questions

Who has access to my Google Analytics accounts?

When you grant M Media manager permissions, any relevant M Media employees will have access to your account.

You may also allow access to other individuals independent of us.

Can I add more accounts?

Yes. If you manage multiple accounts (for example you have many customers yourself), M Media will need access to each account individually.

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