Coronavirus COVID-19 Watch WordPress plugin

M Media has created a WordPress plugin based on the Coronavirus COVID-19 API we built.

This plugin will get live data with total cases around the world and show it on your WordPress admin dashboard. It will also add a helpful link in the top toolbar to quickly get more info. It will also add a widget that you can add to your footers or menus.

There’s also a shortcode you can use in your posts to always reference the most up to date number of confirmed cases. Use the shortcode [covid-confirmed] in your code to output the current number of confirmed cases. You can pass a country and status, like [covid-watch country="France" status="confirmed"] or [covid-watch country="US" status="deaths"] to get results only from that country.

This plugin uses data from Johns Hopkins University and ARCGIS, provided via our API.

The plugin is currently pending approval by and should be available to everyone on WordPress in the coming week.

You will be able to add the plugin to your website by going to Plugins > Add New, and searching for “Coronavirus COVID-19 Watch” plugin by M Media.

Install the plugin

Time needed: 1 minute.

Installing Coronavirus COVID-19 Watch is very easy.

  1. On the admin section of your WordPress website, go to Plugins

  2. Click on “Add New”

  3. Search and install “Coronavirus COVID-19 Watch”

    Look for the plugin with this icon and install it.

  4. Activate the plugin

    You’re ready to go! If you want, there are further settings available in “Settings” -> “Reading” under the “COVID-19 Watch” section.

Common questions

How much does this plugin cost?

The plugin is free for everyone to use.

Can I show cases from specific countries only?

Yes, you can pass the “country” attribute in the shortcode to filter by country.

Find our plugin on the website right here.


Data for a single country

Confirmed cases in France: 590,021

Deaths in the US: 205,774

Global recovered cases: 23,212,712

Confirmed cases in France: [covid-watch country="France"]

Deaths in the US: [covid-watch country="US" status="deaths"]

Global recovered cases: [covid-watch status="recovered"]


[covid-live-map height="250px" sort="confirmed"]

Live data by country

CountryConfirmed casesDeaths
API providerM Media
[covid-watch country="All" sort="confirmed" limit="3"]

Historical data

Date (YYYY-MM-DD)Cases (Global)
API providerM Media
[covid-history country="Global" limit="3"]

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