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Working on M Media hosted WordPress sites as a developer

Editing child-themes and plugins At M Media, we believe that no editing should be made on live/production sites directly. Instead, we spin up a local server on our machines and then develop safely in an isolated enviorment. We then use a version-control software, like GitHub, to keep track of changes and to host our most… continue reading

How your business can benefit from Slack

In regard of the current global outbreak and mass quarantines in effect, M Media is offering free Slack setup to all M Media customers seeking to get their team working remotely. Businesses that are not currently M Media customers have +85% off on setup and training fees. M Media Slack is a great management tool… continue reading

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a Google service for businesses serving localised areas. It helps businesses with physical locations show up in search results for more relevant audience, and with more prominence. Enhanced search result Having Google My Business setup correctly will give your business a more advanced search presence. Showing up in Google Maps… continue reading