How your business can benefit from Slack

In regard of the current global outbreak and mass quarantines in effect, M Media is offering free Slack setup to all M Media customers seeking to get their team working remotely.

Businesses that are not currently M Media customers have +85% off on setup and training fees.

M Media

Slack is a great management tool that is essential to many internationally renowned companies.

At M Media, we offer Slack training and consultancy for your business and team. M Media uses Slack internally and here’s some things we’ve noticed about it.

Benefits of Slack

Slack is a very powerful tool with many benefits for your team and business. The more you and your team use it, the more apparent its benefits become.

Organised communication

Slack is very well known for its incredible organisation of live chat conversations. There are channels, posts, and threads, and they work similarly to what a classic forum might look like.

Suppose your team mate, Jack, suggests a change to the “contact us” button colours on the business website. With Slack, Jack would go the appropriate channel relating to the website and write a post with his brilliant new idea. Afterwards, other team members can discuss and develop the topic on the thread.

  • Channel (e.g. “Websites”)
    • Post (e.g. “Alex: Hey guys! Can we make the buttons blue from now on?”)
      • Thread comment (e.g. “Anna: I don’t think blue fits our brand. What if we go with a dark blue/purple?”)
      • Thread comment (e.g. “Alex: Great. Lets go for dark blue code #123123”)
    • Post (e.g. “Caroline: There’s a typo on the About Us page. Can we fix it?”)
      • Thread comment (e.g. “Tom: fixed”)

The benefits of such an organisational system really come into play when you want to retrieve information or catch up on important topics. What was the colour code for the new buttons? Easy – that’s about the website so it’ll be in the website channel. It’s relating to the website colours and there’s a post about that – the colour code will be in the thread discussion.

If you compare this to the Messenger system or using something like WhatsApp, the benefits become apparent. Often times hundreds of messages will be sent in a very short timeframe into such groups and overwhelm people to the point that they miss important information. With Slack, this doesn’t happen because conversations are organised so that you can catch up with topics that are important to you.

Awesome integrations that centralise information and business logic

Slack is able to integrate with a lot of things you may already use, such as Google Docs or Facebook. This is great for a very simple reason: it centralises information. Your team will spend less time finding and re-finding information and data and more time analysing it, understanding it, and processing it.

With most integrations, you can also execute business logic right from Slack. Say you need to post a new picture to Instagram. You can set up Slack (via Zapier) to automatically post the picture to Instagram when you post it to a specific channel, for example.

There’s no asking for who has the password. Who has access to the reset password email. Nada. You get a picture from your graphic designers in one Slack channel, and then you repost that picture into another channel to post it to Instagram. That’s it.

Work from anywhere capabilites

Slack is incredibly diverse in its platform offerings. It is available on the web in a web browser, and via apps for Mac, iOS, and Android. From personal experience; the apps are incredibly well designed and work as intended. It’s easy to do what you need to do quickly: your team will spend less time thinking about how to get a message across and more time conversing, nurturing new ideas, and getting work done.

File sharing

Slack lets you share documents with your whole team. This isn’t revolutionary, but it’s good to know it works when you need it.

Slack setup and training from M Media

In regard of the current global outbreak and mass quarantines in effect and in an effort to help businesses get back on their feet, M Media has temporarily set the prices as follows:

Setup fee: €250 | free for M Media customers (€30 otherwise)

Training fee: €125 per person | €20 per person

M Media

M Media can remotely set up Slack for your business and train you on the basics of getting started. The training happens directly in Slack and is available to the whole team, so everyone can get started right away.

The training is highly automated and is done at each team members individual pace. M Media charges a one time setup fee and a per person training fee; further costs depend on Slack usage but most companies under 8 people use it for free.

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