What is HTTP and HTTPS?

What is it?

HTTP and HTTPS are something called protocols, and they can tell browsers information on how to communicate with a browser.

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Most importantly, HTTP and HTTPS can tell you if your information is safe as you type it into the website. If the website starts with HTTPS, it is. There’s significantly more that goes into your security and you shouldn’t assume you are safe, but in regards to the two, you are safer.

Is it important?

Yes. Having HTTPS will show to your customers that you care about their privacy and security, and your website will be rewarded with a lock icon next to your domain name in the browser.

How can you get it?

You must get something called an SSL certificate from an SSL signing authority. A common free one to use is called Lets Encrypt.

If you’re an existing M Media customer/partner, we include this automatically in all your websites.

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