Viewing your ad accounts linked to M Media

When you become an M Media customer for the Digital Ad Management service (on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or both), your ad accounts on each platform will be linked to our main manager accounts. When this happens, you will be able to see data from all your ads across all the platforms you advertise with right on the M Media website.

Seeing your ad account data

Time needed: 1 minute

Seeing data relating to ads running on your Facebook for Business or Google AdWords accounts is very easy!

  1. Log in to M Media

  2. Go to your profile

  3. Under “ad accounts”, tap on “All your ad accounts”

  4. Choose the ad account you want to see more information about

Common questions

Can I see my data from Google Ads?

Yes, once you have linked your account with our manager account.

Can I see my data from Facebook for Business (Facebook Ads)

Yes, once you have linked your account with our manager account.

Can I add my Reddit Ads account?

Yes, however ad related data will not be available.

What are clicks and impressions?

Each platform counts each metric slightly differently, so we do the best to find the appropriate metric and normalise it so that the data is easier to understand across platforms.

Who can see my ad account data?

Only you and M Media employees can see your data. No other person has access to any data relating to any of your ad accounts.

Why do some table cells read “N/A”?

It’s usually because there is not enough data to show the metric yet. Wait a few days or increase the budget.

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