Transfer your existing domain name to M Media

You might have already purchased a domain name from a domain name registrar; in order to be able to use some M Media services, your domain may have to be transferred to our domain management systems.


If you already have a live website and/or an email account associated with your domain; following the steps below will cause you to lose anything connected to the domain.

For most domains, upon transfer your domain name is extended by 1 year and you are billed by M Media for the value of that extension and in accordance with our pricing.

Transferring your domain

Time needed: 2 minutes

Transferring your domain to M Media takes only a couple of minutes and is very easy.

  1. Make sure your domain can be used with M Media

    Check the top level domains that M Media supports.

  2. Unlock your domain to prepare it for transfer

    Your domain name registrar will have a setting to unlock the domain for transfer. Make sure it is unlocked.

  3. Get an authorisation code

    An authorisation code from your domain registrar authorises us to request that registration for the domain be transferred to M Media.

  4. Send the authorisation code to M Media

    Send us an email or message with your domain transfer authorisation code.

Common questions

How long does it take to transfer domains to M Media?

Domain transfers take between 3 days and up to two weeks after you’ve completed all the steps above.

Can I transfer any domain to M Media?

Almost. Make sure that your top level domain is supported by M Media.

It says my domain can not be transferred for the next X amount of days. Is this normal?

Yes. Just wait until the period passes and then follow the steps above to transfer the domain.

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