Nicolas Pisani Real Estate agents join M Media for Instagram

We’re proud to say that 5 members of the Nicolas Pisani Real Estate team have now signed up to M Media Instagram services. We’re happy to announce that we are the exclusive digital Instagram marketing partners for the whole real estate team.

Nicolas Pisani Real Estate is a real estate group spanning multiple offices across the South of France. The real estate agency works on both finding luxury properties to rent out and sell as well as helping new tenants finding new places to call home.

Thanks to M Media for your bespoke service! I have no doubts today, the results are there!

Anthony Alessandra, CEO of Nicolas Pisani Real Estate

M Media now runs 5 Instagram accounts directly relating to Nicolas Pisani, seeing on average 5 new organic and engaged followers per day per account. Thanks to M Medias automation services, we’re able to like, comment, and engage with over 2 thousand posts per account per day!

All followers are real people that have chosen to follow the real estate agents accounts on their own accord; they are not bought followers. This ensures that the followers actually provide engagement and value to the real estate agents. One account is seeing on average 23.7% of followers engage with each post – light years more than the industry average of between 1% and 3.5%.

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