How do I see any discounts applied to my account?

See your discounts

Time needed: 1 minute

To see any discounts applied to your account, just follow these steps.

  1. Log in to M Media

    First, log in to your account on our main website.

  2. Go to the Billing page

    Here you can manage everything related to billing.

  3. Under Discounts, see all discounts applied

    This section will list all the discounts applied to your account.

Common questions

Is everything on discount?

Discounts only apply to products and services; one time charges, such as late payment collection fees, are not subject to discount. We may choose not to honour discounts for certain products or services.

Can I have multiple discounts?

Discounts are not cumulative. If you are eligible for multiple discounts, only the discount with the highest reduction applies.

Do I qualify for a discount?

You can see our available discounts and what they are for on our Pricing page. If you do qualify, contact us.

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