Connecting your Facebook Ads account to M Media

If you are our customer for the Digital Ad Management service, you can connect you Facebook Ads (via Facebook for Business) accounts to the M Media website.

Connecting a Facebook Ads Account

Time needed: 15 minutes

Getting started with Facebook Ads is easy.

  1. If you haven’t already, create a Facebook Ads account

    You will need to have at least one ad account with the billing details set.

  2. Get your Facebook Ads account ID

    In the top right dropdown, you should see a number that’s your customer ID. Read here for more help on finding the ID.

  3. Send us your account ID

  4. Accept the request to manage your Facebook Ads account

    You will receive a notification that M Media has requested access to manage your account. Accept this request to complete the integration.

  5. Accept any additional requests from M Media to manage your Facebook Ads account

    Depending how deeply your Facebook Ads system is integrated, we may request access to your pixels, catalogues, pages, apps, Instagram accounts, WhatsApp accounts, shared audiences, and others. All of these can be managed in your business settings on Facebook for Business.

    Ensure that the requests come from us, and if you’re not sure what or why is being requested, don’t accept it and ask us instead.

Common questions

Who has access to my Facebook Ads accounts?

When you grant M Media manager permissions, any relevant M Media employees will have access to your account.

You may also allow access to other individuals independent of us on the Facebook for Business platform.

How do I pay for ads?

When creating your Facebook Ads account, you will be asked to fill in billing details – Facebook uses this to bill you for Facebook Ads. Our fees are charged independently via the M Media platform, as with all our other services.

Can I add more accounts?

Yes. If you manage multiple ad accounts (for example you have many customers yourself), M Media will need access to each ad account individually.

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