About locked files

M Media may decide to lock individual files on your account. Locking files is a manual action taken by M Media for the safety, integrity, and continuity of your data.

Why do files get locked?

Files may be locked for multiple reasons:
– They are not meant to change or be modified after publishing (e.g. contracts)
– Changing the file will cause unexpected changes down the line (e.g. your file is referenced somewhere else publicly)

How do I unlock my file?

If you believe your file has been incorrectly locked or no longer needs to have a lock applied to it, send us an email.

Is a lock permanent?

Usually yes, unless we receive a request to unlock it and believe that honouring it would not cause adverse effects.

What can and can’t I do with a locked file?

A locked file can not be deleted, have its name or details changed, or be made public if private (or vice-versa). It can still be viewed in accordance with its public/private status.

I don’t think my file is locked but it seems that the same restrictions apply to it – what gives?

Your account may have been locked. A locked account automatically also locks all files associated with that account.

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