About locked accounts

Sometimes, M Media may decide to lock your account for the safety and integrity of our platform and your data. Locking an account is in the majority of cases a manual action, meaning someone reviewed your case and determined that you qualify for your account to be locked.

Why do accounts get locked?

Your account may be locked in the following situations:
– We have detected suspicious activity from your account but don’t believe that your data is compromised (for compromised accounts there is a different procedure)
– We have seen a large increase in spam arising from your account
– We have been alerted to attempts of circumventing, attempting hacking, or otherwise abuse of our systems and/or websites
– You have violated one or more of our terms and conditions
– You have breached one or more conditions of a contract or have committed a repudiatory breach
– You have been banned from using M Media products and services

How do I unlock my account?

We don’t take account locking lightly, so if it has been locked, there is a good reason for it. You may attempt to appeal our decision via email, but we can not guarantee your account will be re-instated.

Is a lock permanent?

Depending on the gravity of the offence, we may opt to permanently lock your account.

What can and can’t I do with a locked account?

When your account is locked, you are only allowed to view your data. You will not be able to add or edit files, payment methods, ad accounts, ads, websites, Instagram accounts, and any other resources on M Media.

Can I still see all my data and invoices with a locked account?

Yes. You always have access to your records and can still access them via the website.

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