JustBookr tests a Pop-up Guerrilla Ad

JustBookr has launched a brand new guerrilla marketing advertisement at the International University of Monaco; placed at 12:00 during lunch time on Thursday, 24th of April – it was instantly consumed and shared on social media by students.

A nugget a day keeps the exams away advertisement

The advertisement focused on building brand awareness and conveying the  brand values of being cool, down to earth, and student-focused. The goal was to get the advertisement photographed and shared by students. The ad generated quite the buzz, at one point reaching 20 people simultaneously surrounding the advertisement and photographing it. The advertisement was removed within an hour by the International University of Monaco staff after negotiations of keeping the ad up failed, with an estimated 5 nuggets left.

JustBookr colleagues noted that the largest buzz was generated by Americans – more than likely due to the fact that the message, “a nugget a day keeps the exams away”, was adapted from the original American phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, which is quite a popular phrase said by adults to children to convey the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.